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Artist: Sylviane Thomas

Artist: Sylviane Thomas

The Beginning of Time Contemporary Art - Sylviane Thomas Bursledon Art Society member
Image Size: 55cm x 50cm
All originals come with a frame. Dimensions are based on canvas and are approximate. Up to 20 folio copies and 20 cards are available for each.
Art Medium: Oil
Original Painting Price: £300

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Sylviane Thomas

Locks Heath near Fareham, Hampshire

Seascapes, Landscapes, Animals, Portraiture

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About The Artist

When I was in my 20s, I used to love seeing artists at work in Place du Tertre in Montmartre and going to the museums to see the great masters' paintings in Paris and Lyon (the town I come from).

I was a nurse student then…I also started at that stage to initiate myself to art work with a friend of mine who was becoming a professional artist.
I met my husband during my nursing training and moved to the UK 1 year after qualifying as a registered Nurse. My career soon took off and I also became a mum with 3 children, one of whom is autistic. The consequence of this, was zero time for art.

However, 10 years ago, I picked up my courage and enrolled in an art group run by qualified teacher Jessica Shaw. On the first day, I felt like I was the new kid at school 😂, wondering what the devil stung me to give painting a go.

I could only attend sporadically as my time was divided between France and England and family commitments in both sides.

I think it was good to learn the basics with that group, which was as much about the social side of being with other artists. It reached a point where I felt that I was learning more by myself, so I started to use Youtube instead, seeing how other artists approached their work. I felt less frustrated by doing this and happier with my progress.

I have extended my work since leaving the art group, to all sorts of topics. I enrolled on a course for portrait painting, something I always wanted to do, but was scared to attempt. I completed my first portrait which I was thrilled with, as Mike Skidmore, my teacher, gave me the best compliments and encouragement I could hope for. He believed in me and at times when one gets down, it was the best therapy to spring back in confidence.

Having started painting properly about 8 years ago, I am now completely hooked, despite the frustrations and bad days when everything appears ruined. Renoir said “I have so much to learn”. Well, I just have to join the club and keep on learning.

I only came to terms with selling my paintings 2 years ago, as before I felt that I was selling my babies. I have given away a large amount to friends and family.

Owls - Painting by Animal Artist Sylviane Thomas

Art Groups / Exhibitions

11/ 2020 : I joined the Dorset Art Society and started to exhibit my art work with them, for the first time.

2021: I joined the Fareham Art Group and the Bursledon Art Society locally and exhibited my artwork with them.

2021: I started to enter competition and I received a Certificate of Merit from the Luxembourg Art Society.

May 2022: I was accepted by the Hampshire Cultural Society, to produce my first solo exhibition at the Allen Gallery in Alton.

Dec 2022:
I received another Certificate of Merit from the Luxembourg Art Society.

My art work has been accepted to be exhibited in Gosport Museum, Hampshire.

Marvels of the Sea - Contemporary Art - Tryptic by Hampshire Artist Sylviane Thomas

Contemporary Art by Sylviane Thomas

Marvels of the Sea